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  • Better and stronger erections
  • Longer and more intense experience
  • Increases sexual intercourse
  • Control of premature ejaculation
  • Short response to sexual stimulation


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Stimulator SATISFYER PRO 4 Couple

Shines for better times! Satisfyer is starting a sexual revolution! Hot news from the world of stimulators, Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, has appeared on t... full description
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Product Nr.MSX-802649
Diameter:2,5 CM
Length:16.5 CM
Power Supply:USB
Full description

Shines for better times! Satisfyer is starting a sexual revolution! Hot news from the world of stimulators, Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples, has appeared on the horizon!

Couples can celebrate today as they have a new toy for the love collection. Elegant shape with no pleasure to burst. The beautiful white and gold finish adds luxury to your games.

Unimaginable and powerful orgasms can now be enjoyed by any couple without restriction. Combining any of the 11 intake modes with 10 additional vibration modes, Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples has built the right place at the moment of each pair wherever you are enjoying!

Enhance your sex life with the unimaginable number and power of upcoming orgasms that await you together. The Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is a parallel vibrator that both partners can enjoy during sex, with touch clitoral stimulation and amazing vibrations. You will become dependent on it with its powerful 11 ​​intake modes and 10 vibration rhythms.

Controlling Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples couldn't be easier. Use the buttons to select your favorite combination of modes, simply position the pacemaker, and after finding the ideal position with the aid, no need to move.

Satisfyer Pro 4 Couples is very quiet. Every sound you and your body will enjoy uninterruptedly until the end of the ages. For water lovers, this toy will become an integral part of water games. The stimulator is completely waterproof and therefore more than suitable for use in a bath or shower! Boring moments will be a snap of the past.

It has a rechargeable battery that can be recharged using a magnetic rechargeable USB cable, which is also included in the package. Get ready for a lot of orgasms without rest!

Color: white / pink gold
Material: silicone, ABS plastic
Dimensions: length 11.5 cm, length of the retractable part 6.5 cm, width 1 - 2.5 cm, diameter 8 - 15 mm, weight 157 g
Vibration: yes
Water resistance: yes
Drive: Rechargeable battery (rechargeable with included magnetic cable)
Lubrication: only water-based lubricating gels
Maintenance: washing with warm water and soap, disinfection can be used

The popular classic Satisfyer Pro 2 guarantees explosive pleasure sensations with its innovative pressure wave stimulation. With 11 programs, the high-tech gimmick offers contact-free enjoyment, which can be experienced everywhere and anywhere thanks to the rechargeable batteries.

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