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  • Better and stronger erections
  • Longer and more intense experience
  • Increases sexual intercourse
  • Control of premature ejaculation
  • Short response to sexual stimulation


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Advantages of vacuum pump: High efficiency for achieving an erectionEasy and convenient operationCurrent vacuum gaugeCalibrated scale on transparent c... full description
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Product Nr.MSX-802628
Material:TPR, ABS
Diameter:6,35 cm
Length:21,59 cm
Power Supply:3 X AA not included
Full description

Advantages of vacuum pump:

High efficiency for achieving an erection
Easy and convenient operation
Current vacuum gauge
Calibrated scale on transparent cylinder
Quick release for instant pressure adjustment

A little help erection? Sure, that's the best vacuum pump! Increase your "pride" permanently? Why not, this vacuum pump can do that too. Increase and increase your sexual performance? Of course, the same answer, a vacuum pump is simply a versatile and very practical erotic tool that you shouldn't miss. You will not have to rely on all sorts of expensive and hard-to-reach powders, which you can never be sure of any side effects, and the erection support is fast and virtually instantaneous. The advantage of this vacuum pump in a luxurious design is in addition to a transparent cylinder with an erection scale (in centimeters) and a built-in vacuum meter. What is it used for? You will be able to set and regulate the vacuum accurately, without testing and procrastination, after the first test. To achieve the desired vacuum level, use the soft tube button to achieve the desired vacuum in a moment. However, do not hurry too much, the penis must be properly perfused for erection to be reliable and long lasting. For easy work with vacuum, the pump handle has a quick release, allowing immediate vacuum reduction if you overdo it a little. Moreover, the product is completely harmless to health, the materials used contain no phthalates. Up for better sex with a vacuum pump!

Material and dimensions of the vacuum pump:
Material: TPR, ABS
Overall length: 25.9 cm
Internal cylinder length: 21.6 cm
Inner diameter: 6.3 cm

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